Monthly Archives: July 2014

Jul 2014

NUB3D launches the new Triple v4 digitizing software for SIDIO stand-alone systems. As with previous versions, new features have been implemented in Triple to enhance SIDIO systems performance and optimize the digitizing process.   Main new features of the Triple v4 digitizing software are:   Faster Results display –      Files Exportation: the process of the […]

Jul 2014

The SIDIO range of portable scanners represents the transformation of years of R&D into robust metrology systems that provide the most accurate and precise data capture results within the fastest timeframes possible. NUB3D´s exclusive advanced algorithms and technologies like Multi Wave Length scanning (MWL), eXtra Rapid Fringes (XR), Extended Dynamic Range (EDR), and Markers froM […]

Jul 2014

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, NUB3D invigorated the company’s image to communicate a new identity that is informed by the sum of our values and experiences.   Since 1999, we have had a history of developing new, innovative products through unwavering commitment to white light technology—the evidence of which can be seen in our robust […]

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