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Oct 2014

Date: October 30th – November 4th  2014 Place: Tokyo / Japan Booth: E-1052 Exhibitor: Metrotec Corporation Web:

Oct 2014

In order to determine whether or not the effects described in the color theory article occur in real life, we conducted an experiment with a SIDIO XR scanner to see how effective white light and blue light are at digitizing different objects. The parts we used were a variety of colors and had a range […]

Oct 2014

Structured light scanning is a 3D digitizing technology that has been growing in popularity over the last decade. The white light technology can be implemented in multiple ways by projecting different colors of light like white, blue, or red.   When choosing a scanner many users ask themselves which color of light is best. With […]

Oct 2014

It’s evident that more and more companies start to employ scanning technologies to speed up inspection process. A few main reasons for that are:   1.Scanning provides significantly higher data density compared with conventional touch triggered probing method, which definitely results in much more true feature profiles, extremely important for form evaluation on critical features; […]

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