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Nov 2014

Date: November 27th  2014 Place: Barcelona / Spain Presentation given by: ABB & NUB3D Web:

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Nov 2014

During the style definition phases of a project it is normal to create manual models of the object.  Specialized model makers generate a physical model using the diagrams or sketches given by the designers.  The model is worked by the specialists and designers until achieving the aesthetic and functional criteria required for its development.   […]

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Nov 2014

1. It’s the future. There’s no doubt about it, 3D scanners are here to stay. There are so many ways in which 3D scanning can enhance your production environment at all points in the manufacturing cycle; it won’t be long before we’ll be taking them as much for granted as we do emails and the […]

Nov 2014

Tenneco Inc. is one of the world main figures in design, manufacturing and distribution of suspension and exhaust systems. Nowadays it has over 80 manufacturing facilities with more than 24.000 employees worldwide.   In its manufacturing facility in Valencia, Tenneco produces and supplies exhaust systems for different assembly plants from Peugeot-Citröen, NISSAN, SEAT and FORD […]

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