Mar 2015

The main goal of the GEOMODELS Research Institute is the development and incorporation of new technologies to the Earth Sciences research area. More specifically, create new modelling techniques to characterize and correctly understand geological systems in terms of: generation, placement and quality of geologic resources and reservoirs; the geo-mechanical terrain behaviour; and natural hazards and their impact on the surface.


One of the main research lines of this Institute is the 3-D reconstruction and modeling of geological bodies using the analog modelling technique.



The analog modeling is a technique that aims to reproduce the influence of geological processes in the generation and evolution of geological bodies in nature. Analog materials let emulate the behavior of their natural equivalents (such as rocks).


Analog models are scaled reproductions of geological bodies in terms of material properties: spatial and temporal. If the scaling is correct, the evolution of the modeled bodies is equivalent to the evolution of their counterparts in nature.


The laboratory


The analogue modelling laboratory of the University of Barcelona consists of a modular modeling table designed to emulate a wide variety of tectonic environments. The work is performed by six engines that allow uni, bi or tri-axial tests transmitting the deformation to the mechanical arms.


To track the experiment evolution the lab has a digital camera that takes time-lapsed photographs of the upper surface of the model, and a high resolution white light scanner (SIDIO Pro from nub3d) which captures the topography of the model during the experiment run.


The point cloud generated by the scanner is treated by CAD software and Polyworks for later use in 3-D reconstructions.




See more information about this application in http://www.ub.edu/geomodels/Obj_eng_Lab_mod.html



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