Our Technology

For over ten years, NUB3D has developed several optical measuring heads for different fields and industrial applications. Their high performance is based on continuous research and developed in our laboratories for optical scanning technology.

NUB3D was the first company to develop a technology that allows scanning of objects without contact with the object, MML. The MML avoids having to use adhesive marks or targets in order to make the registration of multiple views for digitization.

The effectiveness of such systems is shown by the increased productivity, improved quality in design cycles and in production. Therefore, it makes them indispensable tools for enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

The scanning process uses a combination of optical technology, 3d topometry and digital image processing to extract coordinates of points from the surface of an object. The most important element in the whole process is the light, creating a three-dimensional point cloud of great density and high accuracy within seconds.

The process of acquiring 3D information is performed using the technique known as structured white light triangulation.

On the surface of the part to be measured a series of white vertical stripes and black light is projected. The three-dimensional information is obtained by analyzing the deformation that the projected lines suffer when they are reflected on the surface of the object. A camera built into the measuring head captures a series of images which show the piece and the deformation of the beam lines. This process of projection and image acquisition takes a few seconds. From these images we calculate a 3D point cloud ( in x, y, and z coordinates) of the object surface.