Mission Statement


True to our engineering traditions, our mission is to develop the best and most creative 3D measurement technology available on the market with which we can provide solutions to existing problems. Our goal is to be the benchmark for innovative, practical solutions that improve the production processes.

Through customer relationships based on cooperation, credibility and trust, we transform our 3D measurement technology into value, providing equipment and useful solutions to the industry sector.

We are committed to our projects and strive to always provide an encouraging work environment so we can take on big challenges, fulfill our commitments and exceed our customers’ expectations in every way.

NUB3D aims to be a global company with a presence in all the major industrial markets. As we develop and grow, we will not stray from our goal to become the market leader in 3D measurement technology solutions.

We are honored to have your support throughout this journey as we continue to develop technology that makes measurement an easy, fast and affordable process for you.

Thank you for trusting in our 3D technology over the years.