Advantages for the industry



Market demand for quality is getting higher every day, while production cycles are becoming more and more time sensitive. This reality requires companies to increase performance and to be highly productive.

While a manual solution allows the user to do punctual checks, an automated 3D inspection control solution provides the ability to inspect 100% of production in the shortest amount of time.

Personalized cell configuration ensures cost savings and an undeniable gain in proficiency. Running costs are greatly reduced with an automated 3D inspection control solution because there is no human involvement as is the case with a manual solution. Furthermore, the inspection process is safer and more reliable with an automated solution because there is a drastic decrease in the opportunity for human error.

NUB3D’s optical 3D measurement systems provide automated 3D inspection control solutions. While our products require an investment comparable to that of traditional CMMs, the benefits that our SIDIO systems deliver afford companies new opportunities in automated metrology, especially in sectors such as automobile, aerospace, engineering and foundry.

Why should my company invest in a 3D inspection control solution?

Full control of production failures:

  • Reduce standstill time on the production line by taking preventive actions before defects occur.
  • Easily identify defective supplier parts thanks to complete reporting.
  • Reduce factory recalls by identifying faulty parts before they affect the final product.
  • Save on production costs as our products allow for immediate decision making thereby eliminating the propensity of faulty production.
  • Improve product quality thanks to 100% production control, which also reduces the number of faulty products delivered.
  • Archive inspection data to analyze later and for homologation of parts.

Cost reduction and fast ROI:

  • Handle 100% inspection of production to guarantee that all faulty parts are detected and potential penalties from your customers are eliminated.
  • Decrease investment in production tools flexible holding fixtures allow you to handle different part volumes without the need for additional expensive jigs and gauges
  • Relocate staff where needed to optimize your resources while reducing human error
  • Save time in rework and reduce the number of scraps by using tendency analysis to identify future defects before they occur.
  • Free up space in your overcrowded metrology room by doing 3D inspection control right on the shop floor.

Easy to operate and maintain:

  • Plug & Play configuration for quick system set-up.
  • Fast learning curve No specific skills are required to handle or control the full operation of the cell.
  • Touch screen with a user-friendly, enhanced interface – the operator can handle the entire process, from system calibration to report analysis.
  • Low operating costs combined with flexible holding fixtures, the simulator allows for easy configuration of new parts using only CAD data and inspection plan.
  • Easy and intuitive configuration of new projects.