A Market Need



The manufacturing sector has long struggled with the challenges of globalization and the ever-increasing need to be competitive. These challenges put companies under rising cost pressure, requiring them to continuously improve their business processes. Today, companies aim to achieve increased levels of productivity and efficiency so they can bring better products to market faster and at lower cost.

Automated quality assurance undoubtedly helps companies achieve these goals. Introducing a new scanning technology, such as 3D white light technology for automated parts and pieces inspection is the definitive step toward maximum production efficiency.

In quality assurance, the time factor is a fundamentally important criterion. Results must flow quickly and efficiently from start to finish without pause. Integrated solutions with 3D white light technology that utilize robotized sensors such as SIDIO AIRUS are sure to make a difference in this area.

NUB3D’s automated inspection solutions have brought about an entirely new perspective in automated metrology thanks to our 3D white light technology. Our solutions are particularly applicable in sectors such as the automobile industry, metalworking and aerospace, and they can add value in any sector that requires manufacturing parts or pieces.

Where can I apply NUB3D’s automated inspection solutions?

The automated solution is especially appropriate when recurring measurement tasks are involved. Automated solutions are already standard in many production-related quality control processes. Our solutions rapidly record geometric data and extensively detail surface data.