Worldwide Support



NUB3D developed its automated inspection solution SIDIO AIRUS in partnership with ABB. ABB’s complete robotics solutions and automation technology capabilities, coupled with NUB3D’s metrology know-how give customers global access to a turnkey, fully automated inspection solution.

Our collaboration with ABB goes beyond R&D. Each automated inspection solution NUB3D delivers has the added benefit of ABB’s first-class support, which is available worldwide. ABB is present in over 100 countries, covering all industrialized areas, which means that ABB technicians are available when and where you need them.

Who wouldn’t want to have access to an expert within five minutes?

Our SIDIO AIRUS units include the patented ABB Remote Service. Systems enabled with this capability constantly deliver status data to ABB’s support center. An ABB technician connects to each unit periodically and can identify future problems through the unit’s registration log. Since both the sensor and the robot post messages via Remote Service, full system control is possible with this technology.

This best-in-class service contributes to supporting trouble-free plant operations and helps drastically reduce downtimes. For example, the advanced remote diagnostic technology not only allows for remote diagnostics, but also provides proactive system maintenance. The robot and the sensor are monitored constantly, meaning that up to 50% of all unplanned shutdowns are avoided.