Why NUB3D’s Technology?



We provide the fastest automated scanning solution on the market with a worldwide support model. Yet these are just two of the many reasons you should choose a NUB3D automated scanner.

We can support your metrology needs directly on the shop floor thanks to our:

Experience: NUB3D was the first company in the world to deploy an in-line inspection system based on white light technology. In 1999, NUB3D installed an inspection cell for LORAMENDI for in-line sand cores inspection.

Specialization: We focus on structured white light technology, developing sensors especially for work on the shop floor.

ABB automation engineering partnership: ABB’s experience in automation and robotics has been combined with NUB3D’s metrology experience to develop the best automated scanner on the market.

Leading-edge technology: We offer the fastest scanning solution on the market. Getting a product with the fastest speed available is an important consideration when implementing in-line inspection solutions.

Fully-integrated solution: All cell components—robot, scanner, rotary table and security—are managed from a single user interface.

Worldwide support: Rely on ABB’s powerful worldwide network for technical support for your NUB3D SIDIO AIRUS automated scanner. And with ABB remote service, keep your cell always connected to ABB and nub3d support centers for remote assistance.