Category: 3D Scanning Technology

Apr 2015

Factum Arte, a team of artists, technicians and conservators dedicated to digital mediation, based in Madrid and Bologna, uses the White light scanning system provided by NUB3D.Factum Arte has been working with SIDIO white light scanners since 2006, currently owing two of them. With this scanners FACTUM ARTE has performed scanning works in the most […]

Mar 2015

The main goal of the GEOMODELS Research Institute is the development and incorporation of new technologies to the Earth Sciences research area. More specifically, create new modelling techniques to characterize and correctly understand geological systems in terms of: generation, placement and quality of geologic resources and reservoirs; the geo-mechanical terrain behaviour; and natural hazards and […]

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Mar 2015

Here, we review the main features and aspects of 3D scanners to consider before purchasing.   Firstly, the scanner technical specifications will probably be the most relevant information to look at. This is resolution, accuracy and precision of the scanner.   Resolution – the higher the number is the smaller the distance between points. Manufacturers […]

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Feb 2015

When taking measurements, there is often much confusion over the difference between being accurate and being precise. The two words are often used as synonyms for one another, yet the two actually have quite different meanings.   Accuracy When talking about accuracy, we are referring to how true to life the measurement is – how […]

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