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Mar 2015

El Alcalde de Barcelona, Xavier Trias, inauguró  este miércoles el Centro de Promoción Industrial del Barcelona Advanced Industry Park (BAIP), el nuevo nombre que recibe el Parc Tecnològic Barcelona Nord.   El Centro, que cumple 20 años desde su fundación, se ha renovado para impulsar la ingeniería y tecnología relacionada con los procesos industriales.   […]

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Dec 2014

NUB3D turns 15 years old! The Company was incorporated by Jorge Rodríguez and Fernando Campo on November 22nd, 1999.   NUB3D accumulates 15 years of experience in December 2014, 15 years of high innovation in 3D scanning technology, 15 years providing first-class service and support to its customers, 15 years of growth that have brought […]

Sep 2014

NUB3D has sponsored a group of former Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya students to make their dream a reality: having a car in an endurance race such as the 24H series in Barcelona and make it finish the race.   To succeed in such a challenging project with a very limited budget like this one, a […]

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Jul 2014

The SIDIO range of portable scanners represents the transformation of years of R&D into robust metrology systems that provide the most accurate and precise data capture results within the fastest timeframes possible. NUB3D´s exclusive advanced algorithms and technologies like Multi Wave Length scanning (MWL), eXtra Rapid Fringes (XR), Extended Dynamic Range (EDR), and Markers froM […]

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