Apr 2015

Factum Arte, a team of artists, technicians and conservators dedicated to digital mediation, based in Madrid and Bologna, uses the White light scanning system provided by NUB3D.Factum Arte has been working with SIDIO white light scanners since 2006, currently owing two of them. With this scanners FACTUM ARTE has performed scanning works in the most renowned museums in the world such as Prado, Louvre, or the British Museum among many others.



Probably one of the most challenging projects undertaken by FACTUM ARTE with the SIDIO scanners has been the complete scanning of the Tutankhamun Tomb in the King’s Valley in Egypt. But the relationship between NUB3D and FACTUM ARTE goes beyond the standard customer-supplier relationship. For example in 2010, NUB3D developed a specially designed prototype based on SIDIO technology to record paintings in 3D with a strong participation and collaboration from FACTUM ARTE.



Thanks to this prototype, Factum Arte can record areas and colors of paintings, and export the 3D data as a tonal range image. This bit of software is called DALI and it currently helps Factum Arte to generate data that doesn’t need post-processing. . This is, data can be sent directly to the milling machine with no need of meshing (STL).


For more information about how Factum Arte uses the NUB3D White Light Scanning systems you can read in their blog the article “SIDIO scanning 3D objects”.



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