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nub3d, s.l.
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08042 Barcelona
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Registro Mercantil de Barcelona: Volume 32.133, Sección General, Folio 208, Hoja Núm B-208060, Inscripción 1

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CIF (Vat number): B 62,104,997

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Larena Jorge Rodriguez
Camí Carlos Sanchez

This legal notice includes the general conditions governing access and use of the website, hereinafter “the Website”. “” is an Internet domain whose ownership belongs to the companynub3d, s.l,

The use of the Website implies the express and full acceptance of these general conditions, without prejudice to any special conditions that may apply to specific services of the Website.

La empresa nub3d,s.l. is directed by:

D. Carlos Camí Pericó
Managing Director.
Phone: 935186164
Fax: 933599699

1. Legal notice

This legal notice and information (hereinafter, the “Legal Notice”) governs the use of the web service Internet (hereinafter “Web”) that NUB3D, SL (hereinafter, “NUB3D”) makes available to Internet users.

NUB3D, established in Calle Marie Curie, s / n, 08042, Barcelona, Spain, with CIF number B 62,104,997.

The use of the Web user attributes the condition of the site (hereinafter the “User”) and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions contained in this Legal in the version published by NUB3D at the moment the user accesses the Web. Consequently, user must read carefully this Privacy Policy in each of the occasions when she uses the Web, since it may undergo modifications.

The use of certain services offered to users through the Web is subject to specific conditions (hereinafter the “Conditions”) which, as the case may substitute, complete and / or modify this Legal Notice. Therefore, before using these services, the user also have to read carefully the relevant Conditions.

Also the use of the Web is also subject to all notices, use regulations and directions made the User by NUB3D that replace, supplement and / or modify this Legal Notice.

2. Object

Through the Web, NUB3D provides Users access and use of various services and content (hereinafter the “Services”) made available by NUB3D or third.

3. Conditions of access and use of the web

3.1. Free access and use of the website.

The provision of the Services, by NUB3D, is free to Users. Nevertheless, some of the services provided by third parties NUB3D or through the Web are required to pay a price in the manner set forth in the relevant Conditions.

3.2. User Registration

In general, the provision of the Services subscription does not require prior registration of users. However, NUB3D conditions the use of some of the Services to the prior completion of appropriate user registry. The register must be made in the manner expressly indicated in the service itself or in the Special Conditions to govern it.

3.3. Accuracy of the information.

All information provided by the User through the Services must be truthful. For this purpose, the User guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated as a result of completing the forms necessary for the subscription of the Services. Similarly, will the user’s responsibility to keep all information provided to NUB3D constantly updated so that it reflects, at every moment, the situation of the User. In any event the User shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damages caused to third parties for NUB3D or information provided.

3.4. Minors.

To use the services of minors must obtain prior permission from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be held responsible for all acts performed by children in their care.

The full responsibility in determining the specific content and services to which minors have access lies with the adults who are in charge. As the Internet allows access to content that may be inappropriate for minors, it informs users that there are mechanisms, including software filters-that limit the content available and, while not infallible, are particularly useful to control and restrict the materials to which minors have access.