3D Scanners


NUB3D’s range of 3D white light scanners represents an important evolution in both contact and contactless technologies. Instead of capturing a single point or individual line in each shot, our 3D scanners use the data captured to generate a dense point cloud of the part’s entire surface.

The SIDIO range of portable scanners represents the transformation of years of R&D into robust 3D scanners that provide the most accurate and precise data capture results within the fastest timeframes.

NUB3D’s exclusive advanced algorithms and technologies, such as Multi Wave Length scanning (MWL), eXtra Rapid Fringes (XR), Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) and Markers froM Light (MML) make 3D scanning easy.

Over the years, we have adapted our 3D digitizing systems for everyday use and have made it applicable to different phases of the production process: from product development to production control. Many leading companies in the industrial world trust NUB3D’s innovative technology for their scanning requirements.