When making the decision to purchase a SIDIO measurement system, you expect to improve the efficiency of your processes and to achieve a valuable return on investment (ROI). In order to achieve these goals, your team should be well trained on how to use the system and software and they should always be aware of the latest news and developments. NUB3D offers 3D training to support you in achieving these goals.

We offer a wide range of training courses to customers who have purchased our products. Our trainers will design a bespoke training program to suit your individual company needs. This way, you can be sure that your team will use your new measurement system as efficiently as possible on future projects.

Our 3D training programs take into account your employees’ educational backgrounds as well as any special requirements they or your company may have. Extensive theoretical training, along with hands-on practical exercises, provide the soundest framework for getting the accurate measurements you need.

Basic 3D training

It serves as a basis for working with the SIDIO measurement system. We cover basic operation, as well as the interaction between software and hardware. This includes software operation, standard alignment, measurements, archiving and reporting.

For those looking to develop their knowledge and experience even further, we recommend an advanced training, which should be taken after the basic training.

Advanced 3D training

You will learn how to manage the enhanced functions of the software and hardware, making your daily work even more effective. We will be happy to discuss your specific questions and required tasks during the training.

Trainings can be held on our premises, where we offer state-of-the-art SIDIO equipment. This comfortable environment that is free of distractions allows participants to learn and develop by working on various measurement tasks. On-site training is also available if your team cannot be present at our offices.

On-site application engineers

Our team is standing by to support you on any specific need that comes about in your measurement tasks. On many occasions, your metrology team may overloaded, which limits your capacity to handle new measurements or projects. If this situation should arise, you can hire our application engineers to do the work with your equipment or you can even rent ours.

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