Warranty & Certification



3D scanners Warranty

As a leading manufacturer of 3D white light scanners, NUB3D provides high-quality products that rarely fail. This means that we can provide more warranty conditions than what’s standard in the market.

Working with an innovative network of trusted suppliers, we constantly evaluate the solutions available on the market to select and implement the highest quality components for our systems, which are manufactured in our headquarters in Barcelona.

White light technology Certification

3D scanners are used as universal measuring instruments where results are critical. Therefore, it is important that we guarantee the high precision and reliability of these systems with our 3D Certification.

At NUB3D, all our systems are developed according to CE norms and delivered with a VDI 2634/II certificate to ensure repeatability and accuracy. Customers can use the VDI test to demonstrate system accuracy and to check that the system remains calibrated over time.

All the certification processes are carried out using certified and accredited gauges according to DAKKS.