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Feb 2017

ABB announced today that it has acquired the Spanish start-up company NUB3D, a leading innovator of digital, 3D inspection and quality-control solutions.   The acquisition expands the group’s portfolio of ABB Ability™ solutions that connect customers to the industrial Internet of Things. ABB Ability builds on the intelligent cloud, using connected devices to generate actionable […]

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Feb 2015

When taking measurements, there is often much confusion over the difference between being accurate and being precise. The two words are often used as synonyms for one another, yet the two actually have quite different meanings.   Accuracy When talking about accuracy, we are referring to how true to life the measurement is – how […]

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Dec 2014

  FUNOSA, based in Catalonia, is one of the main foundries of Spain with more than 300 employees and 19.600m2. Within over 90 years, the company offers function and form solutions, making serial production of ferrous foundry based components. FUNOSA serves clients from many sectors: construction, agricultural, commercial vehicles, rail, electronics and other industries.   […]

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