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Mar 2015

This article is a summary of the article “White Light Scanning in Action” published by CMM Quarterly.   A company that produces stampings for automotive and other industries in Canada approached RX Metrology to request to reverse engineer 24 die blocks for legacy automotive body stampings.  This company had previously contracted CMM programming and training services […]

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Nov 2014

During the style definition phases of a project it is normal to create manual models of the object.  Specialized model makers generate a physical model using the diagrams or sketches given by the designers.  The model is worked by the specialists and designers until achieving the aesthetic and functional criteria required for its development.   […]

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Sep 2014

As part of a project of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) students, NUB3D technology has been used to handle the complete reverse engineering of a motorcycle: the legendary Bultaco Astro.   The Bultaco Astro is a well known motorcycle from the 1970’s. Since then, the Bultaco brand went through many changes before disappearing in […]

Sep 2014

NUB3D has sponsored a group of former Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya students to make their dream a reality: having a car in an endurance race such as the 24H series in Barcelona and make it finish the race.   To succeed in such a challenging project with a very limited budget like this one, a […]

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